A delineator, clearly marking the edge of the taxiways and roads.  For the day and night marking of taxiways a vertical Blue Linlaner 375mm Post and 250mm Blue Retroreflective Sheath is necessary to comply with ICAO requirements. 


  • Specification: ICAO and CAP 168 recommendations on size and colours. 

  • Highly visible, flexible and safe in the event of run-down.  

  • Installation 30 metres centres on straights and 7 metres on curves using the Ground Fixing Pipe and Auger.  

  • Internationally approved and used by Commercial and Military users.  

  • Complies with ICAO Annexe 14 chapter 5 and CAP 168, on colours.

  • UV Stabilised, wont degrade.

Note:  Slip on Retroreflective Sheaths, Ground Fixing Pipes and the Auger are accessories, only for sale with the appropriate numbers of Richmark Linlaners, and are not sold for use with non-Richmark products.

3 linlaners v 2.jpg
3 nighttime linlaners.jpg
375mm Base requires 250mm coloured sheath.
740mm base requires 375mm coloured sheath.
Supplied seperately.
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