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RICHMARK TRIBOX is manufactured in strong, non-rust medium density Polyethelene.   The main colours are normally Orange or White or Black.  Other colours are available to order.

Each unit ‘locks’ to it’s neighbour with a special male/female locking piece.   Enclosed on all five sides, the Tribox can be partially filled with water to create extra stability when Jetblast or adverse weather conditions are a problem.

Richmark Tribox can be used in single units or in groups of three or five depending upon regulations relating to it’s position.   For Airside Operations this is normally in threes or fives.   Away from Airside Operations, the versatility of Tribox may be used in various spacing to suit the need of the time.

Tribox is virtually indestructible being moulded by the Rotational Casting process.   Only the best materials are selected and absolute safety is the prime condition we aim for in the manufacture of this and other Parkinson Richmark Airport Products.   Unlike locally built metal or wooden triangular markers, Richmark Tribox is totally safe and stable.

The low height of the system ensures that it will pass under an Aircraft propeller or Jet Engine Pod.   The Richmark Lindpet is used as a front line Barrier system.   However the individual 'pads' are also used successfully as Runway Markers, Taxiway Markers and as a single (heavy) Marker Cone with or without the bar as wingtip markers.

The  Lindpet pad is also moulded in other colours (e.g. White, Yellow, Blue etc.) depending upon the application and without the weights used in the barrier system.   The base of each pad has four holes for securing the product to the ground (if necessary).   Likewise the Lindpet bar can be moulded in other colours.   In combination with the coloured Retroreflective sheaths, a wide variety of uses are possible.


The Richmark Lindpet Barrier system is a versatile ‘pad’ and ‘bar’ arrangement used when airfield works and aircraft movements are adjacent to each other.  Each pad has ballast in the base and weighs approx 3kgs.  The ‘system’ is designed to be used with 3, 2 or just 1 pad and bar – depending upon the conditions and with special regard to Jetblast.  (Also known as Type 8 Barrier by BAA).

The 'pads' are moulded  Red (other colours available to order) and will have a white Retroreflective sheath.   The 'bar' is moulded White (other colours available to order) and has two red Retroreflective sheaths.   The Lindpet as a barrier system with 3 pads and 1 bar weighs approx. 10 KGs. and is very stable in use.

Specialist Barriers

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Bar to convert Cones into a Barrier

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Pedestrian Barriers


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