Beauty and the Beast!

Cornwall Airport Newquay (CAN) which is also the home of Virgin Orbit Spaceport has just completed the upgrade of its airfield lighting ahead of the G7 summit, which was held in the UK recently, this was primarily to upgrade the runway to allow Air Force One to land in Newquay. Part of this project included Parkinson Richmark Linlaner products being installed around the runway edges.

Linlaners are used in a variety of areas on the airfield, clearly marking the edge of the taxiways and roads. For combined day and night marking of taxiways a vertical Blue Linlaner Post and Blue Retro-reflective Sheath is necessary to comply with ICAO requirements.

Flights have operated from Newquay since 1939 under the banner of RAF Mawgan, in 1962 it officially opened a civilian terminal and began commercial flights. The airport has expanded over the years with a new terminal building opened in 2008, and with one of the longest runways in the UK.

New ALS DTS LED inset taxiway lights, LED Stop Bar lights and all new transformers were installed for the upgrade complete with bases and adapter rings among other fittings. In addition, several new high performance, long life LED signs were also commissioned and installed by specialist contractor Dyer & Butler Electrical.

Moving to LED will dramatically reduce operating costs and extend the maintenance cycle due to the lifetime of the LED’s. They are more environmentally friendly and recyclable at the end of life.

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